Indiatripping welcomes you to the land of the gods, the only place on this planet where the past, present and the future go seamlessly hand in hand.
Scale the highest mountains of the world, explore pristine beaches, loose yourself in the desert, navigate the great rivers, walk through the rainforests and rule larger than life islands.
Ride through the wild side in reserves and sanctuaries dedicated to tigers, lions, rhinos, crocs, dolphins, elephants, birds and much more.
Bask in the glory of all the great religions of the world and follow the footsteps of the buddha himself.
Admire the great architectural marvels of yesteryear empires and experience their grandeur.
Learn from the great masters of yoga and ayurveda. Rejuvenate your body and soul in some of the best spas and traditional massage centers the world has to offer.
Live in cities of the past & future, and experience the love and warmth of the populace.

Indiatripping is your gateway to this amazing land of plenty , which is INDIA.



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