The most beautiful cities have a tendency to figure on your go to list again and again. The same was the case with Mussourie, which appears as a magnet to my travel psyche.

                                                 The Triangle hill, en-route Mussourie

The flora here turns lush heavenly green after the rainy monsoon season. There are just two major colors around,  forest green and sky blue. It makes for an amazing combination, sparkling in the lavish sunshine.

                                                       Green as far as the eye can see

As soon as we reached, a thick blanket of clouds started engulfing the area. It seemed as though it was timed precisely to our arrival. Very odd.

                                                          Sunny turns Foggy

                                     The tree on the right seems alien

Cricket is India’s favorite game, so no wonders as soon as we got off the car, the gentleman’s game was already on.

                                                India’s favorite pastime – Cricket

Just like every hill station in India, Mussourie has a public walkway known as ‘The Mall road’. It covers the whole town and is home to the best hotels, eating joints, shopping stores and other local shops. It is even more beautiful after dark, thanks to the LED lights installed throughout the mall.

                                                         Eastern end of the Mall road

                                                    Coffee+Pizza = Great combo

Late evening brought the ‘cloud’ on the Mall road, visibility dropped but the setting became divine. It seemed as though you were walking on clouds, where every step revealed something new.

                                            The cloud starts its descent

                                               Reaching the Western end of the Mall

                                                        The Ascending walk

                                               The local flea market

As the fog kept growing, everything started vanishing in the distance, it was white all around.

                                                       Black & WHITE

                                                        The Rope-way

                                                       A house in the distance

Soon afterwards the clouds disappeared, and out came the fire ball, and everyone was dancing in front of me!

                                                       A local Mural