The setting Sun behind the lower Himalayas, sending out light rays of vibrant color in all directions . Jharipani is the best place to admire the sunset as it provides the best uncluttered view from the top.

Late evening at jharipani : time to prepare the tents and set up the bonfire. We are 6000 feet above sea level and enjoying every moment of it .
Looking down from the hill in jharipani. The floating clouds are a wonderful sight, adding mystique to the beautiful area. The evening sun setting in the wilderness adds color to the whole sky , making it like a collage of the suns moods through colors.
stunning view once you move up the mountains and look down upon doon valley. A trek leads us from dehradun valley to the hill station of mussourie . its a moderate trek at the highest u are at 6000 feet and talking to clouds .